I/We apply for my/our admission as an individual or our admission as an institution/company as a member of the HAYAG International e. V. association.

You can cancel your membership declaration within two weeks by e-mail to moc.t1719248543cejor1719248543p-gay1719248543ah@of1719248543ni1719248543, the date of receipt at HAYAG applies. If you object, your data will be deleted immediately. If no cancellation is made during this two-week objection period, your accession is effective. The statutes of the association can be downloaded here (in German).

Membership fee

By joining HAYAG International e. V. I/we agree to pay the registered monthly/yearly contribution.

The amount of the membership fee is at your discretion. Membership starts with a minimum membership fee of 10 Euro per month (or 60 Euro per year) for individuals and 20 Euro per month (or 240 Euro per year) for companies and institutions. You will automatically receive a receipt for your membership fees by post by the end of February of the following year.

Please select one of the options for monthly or annual payment:

PAYMENT Bank Transfer

I/We will transfer the aforementioned amount monthly/yearly to the following account.

  • Account Holder Hayag International e. V.
  • Bank VR-Bank Amberg eG
  • Bank Code 752 900 00
  • Account Number 193 399
  • IBAN DE 49 75 29 00 00 00 00 19 33 99
  • Reason for Transfer Membership Fee HAYAG International

Do you tell us your reasons for the support?

We would be pleased if you would explain your reasons for supporting HAYAG International e. V.. Voluntarily, of course. Thank you very much in advance!

Consent to data processing

The personal data stated in the declaration of membership with HAYAG International e. V., in particular name, address, telephone number, bank data, which are necessary and required solely for the purpose of the implementation of the resulting contractual relationship, are collected on the basis of legal authorizations.

You can find the data protection declaration at

HAYAG Newsletter

Our members are informed about current developments several times a year by means of the „HAYAG Newsletter“

Consent to receive the newsletter can be revoked at any time at

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